Author: Charles Wade

Charles Wade


Charles is an avid photographer who took up astrophotography due to his fascination with deep space.

He instantly fell in love with night sky images and has been continuously learning ever since.

On most clear nights you can find him in the backyard testing and tweaking, always trying to get that perfect shot.

Latest Articles

The northern lights are one of the most unpredictable night “objects” to photograph but also one of the most spectacular. As quick as it’s commenced, [...]

Think you need expensive gear to capture excellent night time images of the sky? Or perhaps you feel you need complicated motor-driven equipment to shoot [...]

As photographers and astronomers, we set out to find and capture unique parts of the universe, when the sun sets the night sky opens up [...]

The telescope as we know it today has gone through several significant milestones since it was first patented way back in 1608. It is also [...]

Star trail photography looks incredible, there’s something about the way the stars seem to be moving in an image while everything else is just frozen [...]

If you’ve never shot the milky way, but you’ve always wanted to learn how to do milky way photography then your in luck. In this [...]

When I was a teenager, every year without fail, we would go on our family camping trip. It was our traditional yearly pilgrimage. On a [...]

If you want to take your wide-field astrophotography to the next level, you really should be considering a good tracking mount. Traditional EQ or German [...]

The Celestron Powerseeker range of telescopes is specially designed for aspiring astronomers. This 127mm aperture Newtonian reflector is the top model in that range and [...]

The Sony Alpha range of mirrorless cameras has recently become a very popular choice for many astrophotographers. It’s not just astronomers who are using these [...]

In need of a memory card for your brand new camera? Or maybe upgrade to a more performant one? With such a wide range of [...]

Astrophotography would be so much easier if the Earth didn’t keep rotating. Anybody who has ever taken that “perfect shot” just to find a blurred [...]

Have you ever looked through another less powerful or cheaper telescope and wondered why the image is so much better than yours? Perhaps the owner [...]

Scanning the sky with bare eyes is already a startastic experience. Add a good monocular for stargazing to the mix and a million more stars [...]

Camera lenses are one of the things I am constantly being asked about by my astrophotographer colleagues. There are plenty of lenses available, but not [...]

Laser pointers are handy astronomical tools that assist both novice and seasoned stargazers in their observations. They are used to accurately pinpoint stars and constellations. [...]

A Dobsonian telescope is a popular type of telescope. It consists of a Newtonian reflector with an alt-azimuth (altitude-azimuth or alt-az) mount. The telescope is [...]

A good tripod is a useful tool for any photographer, but for astrophotography, a tripod is essential. Those long exposure shots, combined with higher magnification, [...]

Kids tend to be inquisitive creatures—it’s a big world out there when you’re a kid, and an even bigger universe. Rather than your child chasing [...]

Unless you plan on using the Hubble space telescope for your stargazing, most telescopes can be quite portable. However, some telescopes are more suited to [...]

Using a pair of binoculars for astronomy is ideal when you first start out on your stargazing adventure. They’re smaller than telescopes, normally cheaper and [...]

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered exactly what you are looking at? We’ve all heard names such as the North [...]

One of the most attractive ideas for many amateur astronomers is sharing what they see with the outside world. It can be a lonely place, [...]

It’s a big universe out there! NASA currently estimates there are about 1 trillion billion, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the observable universe. That’s a lot [...]

A question we get asked a lot about in astrophotography is what cameras should we use to take night sky pictures. So we’re going to [...]

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