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If you want to take your wide-field astrophotography to the next level, you really should be considering a good tracking mount. Traditional EQ or German [...]

The Sony Alpha range of mirrorless cameras has recently become a very popular choice for many astrophotographers. It’s not just astronomers who are using these [...]

In need of a memory card for your brand new camera? Or maybe upgrade to a more performant one? With such a wide range of [...]

Astrophotography would be so much easier if the Earth didn’t keep rotating. Anybody who has ever taken that “perfect shot” just to find a blurred [...]

Have you ever looked through another less powerful or cheaper telescope and wondered why the image is so much better than yours? Perhaps the owner [...]

Camera lenses are one of the things I am constantly being asked about by my astrophotographer colleagues. There are plenty of lenses available, but not [...]

Laser pointers are handy astronomical tools which assist both novice and seasoned stargazers in their observations. They are used to accurately pinpoint stars and constellations.A [...]

A good tripod is a useful tool for any photographer, but for astrophotography a tripod is essential. Those long exposure shots, combined with a higher [...]

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