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A precise polar alignment (PA) is of utmost importance in deep-sky astrophotography. A requirement that gets more and more stringent with the increase of the [...]

SkySafari is a planetarium app with several advanced features, like the ability to control your telescope. While it is not the most affordable app for [...]

With your smartphone, you can have the Cosmos in your pocket and its exploration is only one tap away. We decided to review the most [...]

Maksutov and Newtonian telescopes are popular among night sky enthusiasts. Both types are suitable for beginners and they both have their pros and cons. Here [...]

Podcasts have solidified their place as a go-to source for location information on a specific topic. It’s possible to find a podcast about anything under [...]

Anyone who looks up into space has a desire to learn more about the universe beyond our tiny blue dot. For those of us not [...]

As soon as technology allowed it, photography evolved out of humankind’s desire to capture incredible images in still life. While we look back at priceless [...]

Star Trek represents man’s insatiable curiosity to adventure into and explore the far reaches of the universe. This simple concept has exploded into a multitude [...]

Star Wars is a masterful space opera that started all the way back in 1977 with a movie that would change the world forever. Fans [...]

Whether your camera equipment is a hobby or a livelihood, it is an investment that you want to keep safe. Even if you get caught [...]

You’d be hard-pressed to find a photographer who doesn’t recommend either a monopod or a tripod to stabilize your shots so you can walk away [...]

Many people entering into the realm of stargazing just aren’t ready to drop tons of money on a telescope. Monoculars and binoculars serve as a [...]

ProMaster may not be the biggest name in tripods, a long history and focus on quality make the brand worthy of your attention. When you’re [...]

The best astrophotos require strength and endurance from the photographer to locate the shot, set up the rig, and wait for the right moment. A [...]

Not all of us are professional photographers who can afford to drop thousands of dollars on the most expensive tripods out there. If you find [...]

Capturing a crystal clear first quarter moon amid a backdrop of stars after sunset or snapping Orion as he walks across the sky battling Taurus [...]

As astrophotographers, we take pride in our star-filled landscape photos. We’re willing to get away from light pollution and sit for hours with an open [...]

There’s nothing quite like a nighttime landscape full of countless stars and a drizzle of Milky Way mixed in. While such moments may be fleeting, [...]

Slik is a well-established tripod and ball head brand with decades of innovation under its belt. This experience has helped them shape models that meet [...]

The MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Classic Travel Tripod is a premier option for astrophotography. It has several different features that help new or experienced photographers capture incredible [...]

Vanguard understands that the clearest starry nights aren’t found in the city but rather off the beaten path where unknown conditions arise. Their tripods are [...]

Landscape photography sometimes requires traveling to a remote location, taking the time to set up a perfect shot, and many times waiting for the right [...]

There’s nothing like settling in to a quiet spot on a beautiful starlit night, setting up your tripod and camera to capture the Moon or [...]

Memory cards themselves may not be terribly expensive, but they often contain innumerable priceless memories that are essential to protect. With a wide range of [...]

Tripods are a necessity for capturing the best photos, but determining the best tripod for you can be a daunting process. When it comes to [...]

Not many years ago, astrophotography was a nice and costly market, far from being mainstream.  In more recent years, though, affordable star trackers for wide-field [...]

As photos and videos get higher in quality each time camera technology improves, the picture’s file size increases too. It’s crucial to not only find [...]

Landscapes have enthralled humans for millennia, and advances in photography make it easier and easier to capture those epic scenes. Having the right tripod can [...]

Tripods serve to provide the best possible conditions for shooting the next fantastic photo. Mini and tabletop tripods provide a lightweight and portable means for [...]

Diving into photography can be an overwhelming endeavor for any beginner, especially with the number of tripods out there. It can be daunting to decipher [...]

Whether you’re backpacking through European cities or through the serene countryside, a tripod can help you capture incredible photos that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. However, [...]

Lighting is an essential part of home life, but there’s no need to limit yourself to basic light sources in and around your home. Those [...]

A tripod needs to be able to go wherever you need to and not make the trek an unenjoyable experience. Even in the city, the [...]

Stability is vital when capturing the perfect photo, and that’s just not possible without a tripod. For those who like to bring out the heavy [...]

We all know that you need to find the right combination of a tripod, a mount, and a telescope to get a stable platform for [...]

The Celestron PowerTank Lithium Pro, while at its core being a versatile high-capacity power bank, is more suited to the needs of astrophotographers and astronomy [...]

If there are two types of tripods that are the most popular and usually found in the hands of many photographers, those are the aluminum [...]

The spotting scope, like any other high magnification gear, works best when it’s mounted on a sturdy tripod. It will then give you the most [...]

No matter if you’re a beginner astrophotographer or an experienced stargazer, obtaining a high magnification device to observe the night sky will surely be one [...]

Humidity can cause all sorts of problems with your camera gear. If you want to store all your astrophotography equipment in a safe and organized [...]

Stargazing with your binoculars is a great way to observe the sky. Even better is when you attach them to a tripod so you can [...]

We all know how magnificent the night sky is and how great the experience of viewing it through a pair of binoculars can be while [...]

While it’s possible to take photos of the night sky and the celestial objects of your choice in one night, it’s not uncommon to find [...]

Getting to a remote location to set up all of your astro gear for a night of star watching means having to walk in pitch-black [...]

It’s a well-known fact that tripods are a necessary piece of photography gear for many people, especially those dabbling in astrophotography. Keeping them in perfect [...]

Are you planning a trip to a remote location for a night photoshoot? Or even just camping to get away for a while? Then you [...]

We all know that stability is essential in the world of photography when it comes to getting sharp photos and smooth videos, especially in darker [...]

If there’s one sensitive type of photography gear that requires constant care and protection to remain in a functional and well-preserved shape, it has to [...]

Any kind of photographer working in harsher and colder conditions is already aware of the necessity and usefulness of having a pair of gloves with [...]

Every astrophotographer planning to take some stunning photos of the Orion constellation, The Crab Nebula, or the California Nebula during winter time has to find [...]

No matter the occasion or the time of year, finding the right gift for the person you care for can sometimes seem like a hard [...]

There is no denying the fact that there are many options on the market to choose from if you’re a photographer looking for a travel [...]

This is the second and last part of my detailed hands-on review of the Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50ED. In part one, I presented this scope and [...]

If you need something more portable than the traditional backpack to carry your lenses with you on all of your travels, but you’re not willing [...]

Guiding scopes are small telescopes that are typically used to improve the tracking performances of equatorial mounts when doing astrophotography with long focal telescopes. Usually, [...]

If you plan on a long night of astronomy observation, then prepare to constantly bend and twist your body to look into your telescope eyepiece. [...]

Every fan of astronomy or science fiction out there likes to have a part of the universe in their own home. No matter if it’s [...]

Every photographer needs a way to carry their camera gear with them in a way that is comfortable and secure. This has caused the popularity [...]

There’s no denying that camera backpacks are the favorite type of transportation items among most outdoors photographers and astrophotographers. There are several practical reasons why [...]

There are many solutions on the market dedicated to helping you keep your camera gear close to you while you’re traveling and exploring the world [...]

The Nanuk 935 is an excellent option for photographers looking for a camera hard case. Its innovative design and high-quality materials ensure your camera and [...]

While Pelican leads the way in the hard case market, some photographers want a more affordable alternative. Thankfully, there are other companies that make quality [...]

If you’re an outdoors person, you’ll know the importance of packing light while still bringing the right gear with you on a trip. This is [...]

No matter the kind of outdoor activity you are interested in and how long or demanding it is, you should always find a comfortable place [...]

While being outdoors is often a very relaxing and mind mending experience, it does come with its own set of challenges. One of those is [...]

While the first thing on any astrophotographer’s mind when choosing the right gear for their travels is their camera and any accessories that go along [...]

The Pelican 1510 is one of the more popular options for photographers. It offers many features one should look out for when buying a hard [...]

There’s no denying that traveling and photography were always tied in with each other. The entire experience of taking photos benefited a lot from the [...]

If you’re the person that likes to hang around in dark places, spend time in nature, and take photos of anything from the scenery to [...]

Nanuk and Pelican are synonymous with making professional standard hard cases. They are two of the most recognizable brands in the industry and are popular [...]

Photography equipment is expensive. Because of that, you must keep it safe at all times, especially when moving from one location to the next. If [...]

When we get a new piece of photography equipment, whether it be a new camera body or lens, we don’t have to worry about fingerprints, [...]

A quality intervalometer and remote timer is an important tool in any astrophotographers’ camera bag. Not only does it give you more precise control over [...]

Astrophotography usually requires us to multi-task during the night. From setting up your scope, polar aligning, making camera adjustments, and more. Now imaging trying to [...]

Which Camera is best suited for time-lapse photography? Whether you’re a beginner photographer or an experienced professional, chances are you’ve asked this question at least [...]

Are you feeling ready to have a go with the night sky and wondering what you need you don’t already have?  If so, forget telescopes, [...]

The iOptron SkyGuider Pro is one of the most common star trackers among beginners, keen amateurs, and astrophotographers on the move. In this SkyGuider Pro [...]

The Vixen Polarie is a star tracker in disguise. Shaped like a compact camera, this ultra-portable tracker is not afraid to follow you in your [...]

Astrophotography is a very specialized kind of photography, and it has a steep learning curve. This is particularly true if you begin with “full-grown” astrophotography [...]

Have you ever stumbled across images like this while surfing the internet, and pause on them in awe, thinking how nice it would be to [...]

Stars appear to move fairly quickly through the night sky and to freeze them when photographing from a fixed tripod, you are bound to snap [...]

If you want to take your wide-field astrophotography to the next level, you really should be considering a good tracking mount. Traditional EQ or German [...]

The Celestron Powerseeker range of telescopes is specially designed for aspiring astronomers. This 127mm aperture Newtonian reflector is the top model in that range and [...]

The Sony Alpha range of mirrorless cameras has recently become a very popular choice for many astrophotographers. It’s not just astronomers who are using these [...]

In need of a memory card for your brand new camera? Or maybe upgrade to a more performant one? With such a wide range of [...]

Astrophotography would be so much easier if the Earth didn’t keep rotating. Anybody who has ever taken that “perfect shot” just to find a blurred [...]

Have you ever looked through another less powerful or cheaper telescope and wondered why the image is so much better than yours? Perhaps the owner [...]

Scanning the sky with bare eyes is already a startastic experience. Add a good monocular for stargazing to the mix and a million more stars [...]

Camera lenses are one of the things I am constantly being asked about by my astrophotographer colleagues. There are plenty of lenses available, but not [...]

Laser pointers are handy astronomical tools that assist both novice and seasoned stargazers in their observations. They are used to accurately pinpoint stars and constellations. [...]

A Dobsonian telescope is a popular type of telescope. It consists of a Newtonian reflector with an alt-azimuth (altitude-azimuth or alt-az) mount. The telescope is [...]

A good tripod is a useful tool for any photographer, but for astrophotography, a tripod is essential. Those long exposure shots, combined with higher magnification, [...]

Kids tend to be inquisitive creatures—it’s a big world out there when you’re a kid, and an even bigger universe. Rather than your child chasing [...]

Unless you plan on using the Hubble space telescope for your stargazing, most telescopes can be quite portable. However, some telescopes are more suited to [...]

Using a pair of binoculars for astronomy is ideal when you first start out on your stargazing adventure. They’re smaller than telescopes, normally cheaper and [...]

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered exactly what you are looking at? We’ve all heard names such as the North [...]

One of the most attractive ideas for many amateur astronomers is sharing what they see with the outside world. It can be a lonely place, [...]

It’s a big universe out there! NASA currently estimates there are about 1 trillion billion, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the observable universe. That’s a lot [...]

A question we get asked a lot about in astrophotography is what cameras should we use to take night sky pictures. So we’re going to [...]

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