Capturing The Night Sky

We Teach How To Find And Photograph
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Your Complete Guide To Astrophotography

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What parts of the sky to look at and how to get started.

Taking Pictures

Guide to capturing clear and sharp deep space images.

Image Processing

Tutorials on what software to use and recommended settings.

Popular In-Depth Guides

These In-depth guides will help get you started on your astrophotography journey

Star trail photography looks incredible, there’s something about the way the stars seem to be moving in an image while everything else is just frozen [...]

If you’ve never shot the milky way, but you’ve always wanted to learn how to do milky way photography then your in luck. In this [...]

When I was a teenager, every year without fail, we would go on our family camping trip. It was our traditional yearly pilgrimage. On a [...]

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Popular Review Guides

In-depth product reviews of the most important equipment for stargazing and astrophotography

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Astrophotography Beginners Guide

Click here to find out everything you need to know to get that perfect night sky picture.

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Superzoom pocketable cameras, long telephoto lenses, binoculars, and telescopes are there to let you see up close distant and/or small targets. If you have a [...]

Raise of hands: who knows the struggle of getting true colors in your photography? Dull colors and color casts are one of the most common [...]

In this article, I’ll teach you how to quickly frame whatever target you have on your wishlist with the Star Adventurer Pro, regardless if you [...]

Lights?! Darks?! Bias?! Flats?! Dark Flats?! What does all this mean?! If you have ever asked someone about how to improve your astrophotography quality, those [...]

If you are into deep sky astrophotography, you know the struggle of having to juggle with your free time, the absence of a large, bright [...]

One thing we often forgot: there is more than just photographing the beautiful night sky in astrophotography. There is more than expensive and hyper-specialized gear. [...]

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