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Picking out a tripod for astrophotography can be challenging enough from the base down. Some tripods come with a head, and others don’t. This article [...]

Have you ever wondered what makes a camera… a camera?  To answer this question, let’s dig into the anatomy of a camera, starting from experiencing [...]

What is infinity focus? How to use it? Is that the same as the hyperfocal distance? Photography is a world with plenty of technical stuff [...]

In photography, technology in videography has moved forward in giant leaps. Long gone are the day of 8mm, Super 8 films, and video cassettes. For [...]

Memory cards, whether they are Compact Flash, SD, or microSD, are solid-state memories used in a wide array of electronic devices, from smartphones to digital [...]

Long gone are the days when firing the shutter was the culmination of careful planning and skillful crafting. Some people use this argument to bash [...]

“What is the sharpest lens I could buy? How to avoid blurred images? My images are turning out soft: what am I doing wrong?” If [...]

Composition is a key element in photography and can make or break an image. Rules have been derived to help us create pleasing and well-balanced [...]

Photography is a form of art, and as such, one would think there are no rules. But we all know there are things like composition [...]

If you are new to photography, you may be confused by the number of different sensor sizes you can choose from.  Why are there so [...]

Photography is a field that is (in)famous for the number of technical concepts and words used to describe how things work. This can be intimidating [...]

Have you ever heard about the reciprocity law? If not, you should know that this is at the core of photography, and the way we [...]

The concept of ISO is probably the most commonly misunderstood aspect of digital photography.  Would you say ISO takes part in defining the exposure triangle [...]

Have you ever been in that situation where your image exposure is ok, but you can’t get it as sharp as you would like or [...]

Photography comes from the Greek and can be translated as “writing with light”: a photo is all about light.  As a photographer, your job is [...]

When I was a teenager, every year without fail, we would go on our family camping trip. It was our traditional yearly pilgrimage. On a [...]

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