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What are the best camera settings for astrophotography? Such a simple question has not a simple answer. The quality of the sky, the specific gear [...]

The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer PRO is one of the most common star trackers used among beginner and amateur astrophotographers.  I personally own two of these [...]

New astrophotography group member: “Hi, I’d like to get some photos of stars. Could you suggest some settings for my smartph…” The astrophotography group: Until [...]

Astrophotography from the city: yay or nay? Let me get this straight: there is nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g, as a truly dark sky for astrophotography. On the [...]

When you are shopping for your first refractor telescope, don’t forget to check whether you need a field flattener or not and how much it [...]

If you are new to astrophotography, you probably have many questions you want to ask and many doubts you would like to clarify. I spend [...]

Composition is a key element in photography and can make or break an image. Rules have been derived to help us create pleasing and well-balanced [...]

Photography is a form of art, and as such, one would think there are no rules. But we all know there are things like composition [...]

Zoom or Prime? This is one of those never-ending discussions in photography. Purists love prime lenses, considering the zoom as the tool of choice for [...]

“Come on honey, let’s go! No Dad, I don’t want to pose there again! We want to go to the beach, not to visit this [...]

“Whatever you do, do it in RAW!” This motto is true in photography, and even more so in astrophotography. But why is it so? Is [...]

Choosing the right telescope, particularly for your first instrument, is a difficult task and you may be tempted to turn to forums and facebook groups [...]

Astrophotography is a fairly technical and challenging kind of photography. Many things have to go right in order to produce decent and high-quality images, and [...]

Superzoom pocketable cameras, long telephoto lenses, binoculars, and telescopes are there to let you see up close distant and/or small targets. If you have a [...]

Raise of hands: who knows the struggle of getting true colors in your photography? Dull colors and color casts are one of the most common [...]

In this article, I’ll teach you how to quickly frame whatever target you have on your wishlist with the Star Adventurer Pro, regardless if you [...]

If you are into deep sky astrophotography, you know the struggle of having to juggle with your free time, the absence of a large, bright [...]

One thing we often forgot: there is more than just photographing the beautiful night sky in astrophotography. There is more than expensive and hyper-specialized gear. [...]

We all love to spend time under the stars and peer into wonders the night sky offers us. But astrophotography is a tricky area, and [...]

Particularly with deep-sky astrophotography, to be successful you need to have a good grasp on concepts like Polar Alignment and tracking. When I started with [...]

“Help! It seems I cannot get the stars in focus. How Can I focus on the stars?” This cry for help is far too common [...]

Lens fogging is one of the many curses in astrophotography. You don’t really think about lens fogging until you have wasted a good night because [...]

Photography is a field that is (in)famous for the number of technical concepts and words used to describe how things work. This can be intimidating [...]

In this Ultimate Guide To The Star Adventurer PRO, I will teach you all you need to know to get the most out of this [...]

Think you need expensive gear to capture excellent night time images of the sky? Or perhaps you feel you need complicated motor-driven equipment to shoot [...]

The telescope as we know it today has gone through several significant milestones since it was first patented way back in 1608. It is also [...]

When I was a teenager, every year without fail, we would go on our family camping trip. It was our traditional yearly pilgrimage. On a [...]

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