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Exposure Triangle | Understand How It Works

Have you ever heard about the reciprocity law? If not, you should know that this is at the core of photography, and the way we [...]

What is ISO in Photography? Digital Sensitivity Explained

The concept of ISO is probably the most commonly misunderstood aspect of digital photography.  Would you say ISO takes part in defining the exposure triangle [...]

What Is Shutter Speed In Photography? A Beginners Guide

Have you ever been in that situation where your image exposure is ok, but you can’t get it as sharp as you would like or [...]

What Is Aperture In Photography? A Beginners Guide To Understanding Lens Aperture

Photography comes from the Greek and can be translated as “writing with light”: a photo is all about light.  As a photographer, your job is [...]

How To Build A Barn Door Tracker – A DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Simple Homemade Star Tracker

Think you need expensive gear to capture excellent night time images of the sky? Or perhaps you feel you need complicated motor-driven equipment to shoot [...]

What Is The Milky Way – A Simple Description & Galactic Facts About Our Home

As photographers and astronomers, we set out to find and capture unique parts of the universe, when the sun sets the night sky opens up [...]

History Of The Telescope – We Discover Who & When The First Telescopes Were Invented

The telescope as we know it today has gone through several significant milestones since it was first patented way back in 1608. It is also [...]

How To Photograph Star Trails – We Show How Easy It Can Be To Capture Your First Star Trail Photo

Star trail photography looks incredible, there's something about the way the stars seem to be moving in an image while everything else is just frozen [...]

How To Photograph The Milky Way – We Break Down The Techniques & Settings To Shoot Epic Milky Way Shots

If you’ve never shot the milky way, but you’ve always wanted to learn how to do milky way photography then your in luck.In this article, [...]

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