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Our Moon is a mystical place to those of us on Earth. Dating back centuries and millennia, ancient humans have given names to the Moon [...]

With the Sun settled below the horizon, the Moon is the brightest object in our nighttime sky. The larger it is, the more intently the [...]

On any clear night, it’s always apparent if the Moon is out. Its unmistakable glow permeates the night and helps light our way. Nights without [...]

When visible, the Moon is the brightest object in the nighttime sky. What makes the Moon so interesting is that it seems to slowly fade [...]

Looking up at the Moon today, our neighbor looks cold and dormant. Things, however, are not always what they seem. Scientists are constantly discovering new [...]

The Moon has been our celestial neighbor in space for as long as history is able to indicate. The Moon has had an effect on [...]

As the Moon orbits our planet time and again, it passes through various lunar cycles. A lunar cycle, however, isn’t quite as clearly defined as [...]

Water is an essential component for life on Earth. Without it, none of us would be here reading this article. We take it for granted, [...]

When we look up at the Moon in the sky, we always see the same “Man on the Moon” staring back at us. However, at [...]

We’ve all lived thousands of days already here on Earth. For most of us, a day on Earth involves waking up, performing whatever tasks we [...]

On Earth, we are blessed to have a planet with very active layers directly under our feet. These layers play an essential role in our [...]

The Moon, spinning quietly through space, looks completely different from the world we live in. With the Earth so full of life and color, people [...]

Astrophotography is the realm of heavy post-processing: in order to create a pleasant and detailed image, you can’t avoid using powerful techniques such as image [...]

If you ask a bunch of people what color is the Moon, you’ll probably get different answers.  Ask your kids and they will say the [...]

No matter if you’re a beginner astrophotographer or an experienced stargazer, obtaining a high magnification device to observe the night sky will surely be one [...]

If you need something more portable than the traditional backpack to carry your lenses with you on all of your travels, but you’re not willing [...]

Guiding scopes are small telescopes that are typically used to improve the tracking performances of equatorial mounts when doing astrophotography with long focal telescopes. Usually, [...]

If you plan on a long night of astronomy observation, then prepare to constantly bend and twist your body to look into your telescope eyepiece. [...]

There’s no denying that camera backpacks are the favorite type of transportation items among most outdoors photographers and astrophotographers. There are several practical reasons why [...]

There are many solutions on the market dedicated to helping you keep your camera gear close to you while you’re traveling and exploring the world [...]

The Nanuk 935 is an excellent option for photographers looking for a camera hard case. Its innovative design and high-quality materials ensure your camera and [...]

If you’re an outdoors person, you’ll know the importance of packing light while still bringing the right gear with you on a trip. This is [...]

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