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These days people are not really used to looking up for the stars and in many places, due to man-made light pollution, the night sky [...]

How To Read A Star Chart: A Simple Guide

Photography is a “scientific” form of art, deeply rooted in optics and to infuse your artistic vision in the process of crafting an image, you [...]

PhotoPills App Review 2024 – Plan Your Astrophotography Shots!

The Sky-Watcher Az-GTi is an affordable, compact, lightweight, and fully computerized tracker for amateur observers and astrophotographers. And it was a game-changer in the panorama [...]

Sky-Watcher Az-GTI Maintenance: Common Issues & Fixes

The object we refer to as the Sun burns brightly at the center of our Solar System. It is our one and only source of [...]

How Many Suns Are in the Universe?

Stargazing is a part of who you are, and there’s no better way to share your passion than on a romantic stargazing adventure with your [...]

Romantic Stargazing: The Perfect Date Night?

A precise polar alignment (PA) is of utmost importance in deep-sky astrophotography. A requirement that gets more and more stringent with the increase of the [...]

Polar Scope Align Pro Review

SkySafari is a planetarium app with several advanced features, like the ability to control your telescope. While it is not the most affordable app for [...]

SkySafari Astronomy App Review

With your smartphone, you can have the Cosmos in your pocket and its exploration is only one tap away. We decided to review the most [...]

Stellarium App Review

The universe encompasses every single thing in existence, from the smallest atom to the largest star or galaxy. Everyone and everything on Earth is a [...]

What is Bigger Than the Universe?

When you head out the door to snap fantastic astrophotos, you’ve surely noticed that not all stars have the same color. Scientists have grouped stars [...]

Blue Giant Star Facts & Information

Picking out a tripod for astrophotography can be challenging enough from the base down. Some tripods come with a head, and others don’t. This article [...]

Ball Head Vs. Pan Head

Astrology and astronomy are two sides of a similar coin. They share the prefix “astro,” meaning both relate to the stars, celestial bodies, or outer [...]

What Is the Difference Between Astronomy and Astrology?

Nights can feel slow and long, but that doesn’t mean any time is a good time to snap a star-studded photo. You’ll want to make [...]

The Best Time To Take Pictures Outside At Night

As with many things in astronomy, the term planet has been ambiguous for many years. Depending on when you were born, you may feel differently [...]

How Many Planets Are There in Our Solar System?

Have you ever wondered what makes a camera… a camera?  To answer this question, let’s dig into the anatomy of a camera, starting from experiencing [...]

Cameras’ Anatomy: What Are The Parts Of A Camera?

Long exposure is as old as photography itself and it serves both technical and artistic purposes. Image stacking, on the other hand, is a technique [...]

Long Exposure Vs Image Stacking For Astrophotography

Each of us occupies only a small space on a small planet awash in a sea of stars. When we look out at the sky [...]

Universe Vs. Galaxy – The Difference Explained

Maksutov and Newtonian telescopes are popular among night sky enthusiasts. Both types are suitable for beginners and they both have their pros and cons. Here [...]

Maksutov Vs Newtonian Telescopes – What’s The Difference?

Space quotes are an amazing inspiration for anyone looking to look for incredible opportunities outside of what we already know. They define who we are [...]

Famous and Memorable Space Quotes That Will Inspire

From our tiny vantage point on Earth, it’s hard to fathom that the universe extends billions of light-years in every direction. Ever since we first [...]

How Many Galaxies Are in the Universe?

Few would argue that we have the Sun to thank for making Earth a hospitable place to live. We can see its blinding light and [...]

What Are Stars Made Of?

We often take for granted our unique position in the universe, voyaging incessantly around our star with seven planetary neighbors and countless pieces of space [...]

Why Do Planets Orbit the Sun?

In its infinite scope, the universe is full of awe-inspiring wonders. We’re blessed with nebulae, cosmic clouds, planets, moons, and more stars than we can [...]

UY Scuti vs VY Canis Majoris

With its spectacular rings and brilliant yellow hue, one might argue that Saturn is the most beautiful planet in the Solar System. With so much [...]

How Far Away Is Saturn?

Venus’s unique position in the Solar System makes it visible both in the morning and in the evening from Earth. Because of this, ancient humans [...]

How Far Away Is Venus?

Mars has been of interest to humanity since ancient times due to its closeness to Earth. With its reddish hue, it has even been perceived [...]

How Far Away Is Mars?

Take a walk under the stars on a moonless night and take a look up at the sky: the sky can be very bright with [...]

Light Pollution Filters

The Milky Way truly is a majestic view. If you saw it, you are among the lucky ones, as manmade light pollution is hiding our [...]

How To Find The Milky Way

Staring out into the blackness of space fills us with a sense of wonder as we contemplate the mysteries of the universe. With so much [...]

Why Is There No Light in Space?

The terms cosmonaut and astronaut have 70 years of blood, sweat, and tears soaked into them as humankind reached for the stars. While these titles [...]

Cosmonaut Versus Astronaut – What’s The Difference?

Podcasts have solidified their place as a go-to source for location information on a specific topic. It’s possible to find a podcast about anything under [...]

The Best Space and Astronomy Podcasts

As close as many are to Earth, asteroids still hold a lot of questions for scientists. These relatively new discoveries seem to follow specific patterns [...]

What Are Asteroids Made Of?

As our closest neighbor, the Moon has been a focal point of many societies throughout the ages. Although we can cover up the Moon with [...]

How Big is the Moon?

Anyone who looks up into space has a desire to learn more about the universe beyond our tiny blue dot. For those of us not [...]

The Best Astronomy Books

Although asteroids are some of the oldest objects in our Solar System, they were only first discovered in the early 19th century. Since then, millions [...]

What Is the Largest Asteroid in the Solar System?

The sky is full of countless stars, each with unique characteristics. While some shine more brightly than others, one in particular has served special importance. [...]

Where Is the North Star?

It goes without saying that we could not exist on Earth without the Sun. It provides heat and light that all life on Earth needs [...]

What Would Happen If The Sun Exploded?

At best guess, there are over 200 billion trillion stars in the universe and somewhere around 200 billion in our galaxy alone. These stars come [...]

Types of Stars

Humankind has always wondered about the vast expanse of space and everything in it. Perhaps most interesting are the celestial objects that stand out in [...]

The Star Sirius

As soon as technology allowed it, photography evolved out of humankind’s desire to capture incredible images in still life. While we look back at priceless [...]

The Best Gifts for Photographers

Sooner or later we all enter the “watermark phase.” But the use of a watermark is a controversial subject in photography. Half of the people [...]

How To Make A Watermark In Photoshop

Star Trek represents man’s insatiable curiosity to adventure into and explore the far reaches of the universe. This simple concept has exploded into a multitude [...]

The Best Star Trek Gifts

Star Wars is a masterful space opera that started all the way back in 1977 with a movie that would change the world forever. Fans [...]

The Best Star Wars Gifts

Whether your camera equipment is a hobby or a livelihood, it is an investment that you want to keep safe. Even if you get caught [...]

Best Waterproof Camera Bags

You’d be hard-pressed to find a photographer who doesn’t recommend either a monopod or a tripod to stabilize your shots so you can walk away [...]

Monopod vs Tripod: Which is Better For Astrophotography?

Many people entering into the realm of stargazing just aren’t ready to drop tons of money on a telescope. Monoculars and binoculars serve as a [...]

Monocular Vs. Binocular: Which Is Best For You?

The mount is the most important part of your astrophotography setup. While this is true, one should understand what mount best suits his/her needs. Beginners [...]

Sky-Watcher Az-GTI: A Flexible, Affordable, Portable, And Fully Computerised Mount For Astrophotography

ProMaster may not be the biggest name in tripods, a long history and focus on quality make the brand worthy of your attention. When you’re [...]

ProMaster Specialist Series SP425CK Review

The best astrophotos require strength and endurance from the photographer to locate the shot, set up the rig, and wait for the right moment. A [...]

Really Right Stuff TVC-24L Series 2 Tripod Review

Not all of us are professional photographers who can afford to drop thousands of dollars on the most expensive tripods out there. If you find [...]

Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod Review

Capturing a crystal clear first quarter moon amid a backdrop of stars after sunset or snapping Orion as he walks across the sky battling Taurus [...]

Oben CT-3565 Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

As astrophotographers, we take pride in our star-filled landscape photos. We’re willing to get away from light pollution and sit for hours with an open [...]

Sirui N-1204SK Tripod Review

There’s nothing quite like a nighttime landscape full of countless stars and a drizzle of Milky Way mixed in. While such moments may be fleeting, [...]

Induro CLT203 Classic Series 2 Stealth Tripod Review

Slik is a well-established tripod and ball head brand with decades of innovation under its belt. This experience has helped them shape models that meet [...]

Slik Pro CF-833 Tripod Review

The MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Classic Travel Tripod is a premier option for astrophotography. It has several different features that help new or experienced photographers capture incredible [...]

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Classic Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Review

Vanguard understands that the clearest starry nights aren’t found in the city but rather off the beaten path where unknown conditions arise. Their tripods are [...]

Vanguard Alta PRO 263AB Tripod Review

Landscape photography sometimes requires traveling to a remote location, taking the time to set up a perfect shot, and many times waiting for the right [...]

Benro Rhino Series 3 Tripod Review

There’s nothing like settling in to a quiet spot on a beautiful starlit night, setting up your tripod and camera to capture the Moon or [...]

Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 Tripod Review

Memory cards themselves may not be terribly expensive, but they often contain innumerable priceless memories that are essential to protect. With a wide range of [...]

Best Memory Card Cases And Holders In 2024

Tripods are a necessity for capturing the best photos, but determining the best tripod for you can be a daunting process. When it comes to [...]

Best Carbon Fiber Tripod

Not many years ago, astrophotography was a nice and costly market, far from being mainstream.  In more recent years, though, affordable star trackers for wide-field [...]

Sky-Watcher AZ-GTI Review

As photos and videos get higher in quality each time camera technology improves, the picture’s file size increases too. It’s crucial to not only find [...]

Best Memory Card Reader

Landscapes have enthralled humans for millennia, and advances in photography make it easier and easier to capture those epic scenes. Having the right tripod can [...]

Best Tripod For Landscape Photography

Tripods serve to provide the best possible conditions for shooting the next fantastic photo. Mini and tabletop tripods provide a lightweight and portable means for [...]

Best Mini and Tabletop Tripods

Diving into photography can be an overwhelming endeavor for any beginner, especially with the number of tripods out there. It can be daunting to decipher [...]

Best Beginner Tripods

Whether you’re backpacking through European cities or through the serene countryside, a tripod can help you capture incredible photos that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. However, [...]

The Best Tripods For Backpacking

Lighting is an essential part of home life, but there’s no need to limit yourself to basic light sources in and around your home. Those [...]

Best Moon Lamps of 2024

We can see thousands of stars from Earth on a clear night, as long as there’s not a lot of light pollution. In looking at [...]

Can You See Stars in Space?

A tripod needs to be able to go wherever you need to and not make the trek an unenjoyable experience. Even in the city, the [...]

The Best Lightweight Tripods for 2024

Our planet has a finite number of natural resources, and as a result, we’ve started to look to places like the Moon for sustainability. Precious [...]

Is There Gold on the Moon?

Night and day occur just like clockwork. Even though we’re not guaranteed a sunrise, we’ve come to expect the Sun to rise and set each [...]

How Long After Sunset Does It Get Dark?

When you take a photograph, you freeze a moment in time, and hopefully this instant will be able to tell a story. Sometimes though, a [...]

How To Make A Collage In Photoshop

Stability is vital when capturing the perfect photo, and that’s just not possible without a tripod. For those who like to bring out the heavy [...]

Best Tripods for Heavy Lenses For 2024

At some point, mankind stopped looking at the Moon as some impossible object in the sky and started to decipher the science behind making the [...]

How Long Does It Take To Get to the Moon?

From Earth, we can look up at the Moon and see several areas that appear darker than the rest. These darker regions make up the [...]

What Are the Dark Spots on the Moon Called?

Our Moon is a mystical place to those of us on Earth. Dating back centuries and millennia, ancient humans have given names to the Moon [...]

What Is a Blue Moon?

We are fortunate to have the Moon as such a close celestial friend in the sky. During a full moon, it beautifully illuminates our nights [...]

Why Can We See the Moon During the Day?

With the Sun settled below the horizon, the Moon is the brightest object in our nighttime sky. The larger it is, the more intently the [...]

How Does the Moon Shine?

On any clear night, it’s always apparent if the Moon is out. Its unmistakable glow permeates the night and helps light our way. Nights without [...]

Why Is the Moon So Bright?

Everything in space is moving in some way, shape, or form. Understanding how and why those objects move, though, is a different story. In this [...]

How Does the Moon Move in Space?

When visible, the Moon is the brightest object in the nighttime sky. What makes the Moon so interesting is that it seems to slowly fade [...]

How Do Moon Phases Work?

Looking up at the Moon today, our neighbor looks cold and dormant. Things, however, are not always what they seem. Scientists are constantly discovering new [...]

Does the Moon Have Volcanoes?

The Moon has been our celestial neighbor in space for as long as history is able to indicate. The Moon has had an effect on [...]

How Was the Moon Formed?

What is infinity focus? How to use it? Is that the same as the hyperfocal distance? Photography is a world with plenty of technical stuff [...]

How To Focus To Infinity At Night: A Quick Guide

In photography, technology in videography has moved forward in giant leaps. Long gone are the day of 8mm, Super 8 films, and video cassettes. For [...]

How Many Minutes Of Videos Can You Store On Your Memory Card?

The Moon seems to undergo a strange transformation each month as it seemingly grows and shrinks in the sky. There’s obviously much more to the [...]

How Much of the Moon is Always Lit?

As the Moon orbits our planet time and again, it passes through various lunar cycles. A lunar cycle, however, isn’t quite as clearly defined as [...]

How Long Is a Lunar Cycle?

Water is an essential component for life on Earth. Without it, none of us would be here reading this article. We take it for granted, [...]

Is There Water on the Moon?

We don’t often think about magnets when we talk about objects in our Solar System. Large celestial objects like Earth have magnetic fields that help [...]

Does the Moon Have a Magnetic Field?

Memory cards, whether they are Compact Flash, SD, or microSD, are solid-state memories used in a wide array of electronic devices, from smartphones to digital [...]

How To Format And Manage A SD Card For Photography

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