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Best Binocular Tripod Adapters 2024 [Review & Buyers Guide]

Stargazing with your binoculars is a great way to observe the sky. Even better is when you attach them to a tripod so you can view them “hands-free” without any shaking. But to do that, you’ll need an adaptor to connect your binoculars to your tripod.

To mount them onto a tripod, a special adapter or a mount will be necessary. This is what will be attached to the metal plate included with your binocular tripod and will ensure that you can easily operate your binoculars without other parts of the tripod getting in the way.

If you want the best binocular tripod adapter on the market, look no further than the Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount. If, however, you want more information about other types available, check out our list of the best binocular adapters and mounts down below. 

binocular adaptor for tripod
A binocular adapter helps you easily attach you binocular to your tripod, eliminating any shakiness while viewing the starry night.

Our Best Binocular Tripod Adapters At A Glance

List of the best binocular tripod adapters and mounts

1. Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount

Best binocular tripod adapter

Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount

Brand: Orion | Dimensions: 31.4 x 11.6 x 6.4 inches | Weight: 15.6 pounds 

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If you use a large or heavy binocular for stargazing, then the Orion Paragon-Plus binocular mount easily tops our list as our first choice. For example, it makes light work of the Celestron 20×80 Skymaster Pro when it’s attached (or any other heavy-duty astronomy binoculars for that matter).

What also makes this our best choice is the adjustable arm instead of just a mount like many of the universal ones available. Working in tandem with the adjustable arm on the opposite end is an adjustable counterweight, letting you balance your binoculars and eliminate any sort of shakiness while viewing, which is something you definitely don’t want.

What we liked most is when you attach your binoculars to the included L-adapter and you get everything balanced with the counterweight, the adjustable arm can be adjusted to virtually any angle. I’ve even been able to comfortably use a reclining chair and view the night sky while lying back, which is much better than being hunched over for long periods, your back will thank you later.


  • Great build quality 
  • Capable of holding heavier professional binoculars
  • Includes an L type adapter
  • Built-in counterweight
  • Offers unparalleled levels of adjustment
  • Compatible with any tripod that has a 1/4″ or 3/8″ threaded post


  • Not the most portable binocular tripod mount
  • Needs the biggest tripod you can get to support the adjustable arms weight

2. Bushnell Quick Release Binocular Tripod Adaptor

Second best binocular tripod adapter 

Bushnell Quick Release Binocular Tripod Adaptor

Brand: Bushnell | Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches | Weight: 0.2 pounds 

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The Bushnell Quick Release Adaptor, as its name implies, is a binocular adapter that will allow you to quickly remove and reattach your binoculars from the tripod whenever you want to change your position while watching the night sky or whenever the time to pack has arrived.

All of this is possible thanks to the special screw that screws into your binoculars and a stem that acts as a connection between the binoculars themselves and the tripod. To detach the binoculars, all you’ll need to do is to loosen the thumbwheel on top of the stem, and the mechanism will release them. It’s an intuitive and easy to use system.

Another good thing about this binocular tripod adapter is that it’s lightweight and built well at the same time, making it strong enough to work well even with bigger and bulkier binoculars, but also compact enough to fit into almost any pocket on your backpack or your jacket.


  • Built-in quick-release mechanism 
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Stable enough to hold any pair of professional binoculars 
  • Easy to operate 


  • It’s not easy to find replacement parts if something gets lost

3. Snapzoom Universal Binocular Tripod Mount

Best universal binocular tripod adapter

Snapzoom Universal Binocular Tripod Mount

Brand: Snapzoom | Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches | Weight: 0.13 pounds 

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If you want an affordable adapter that’s compatible with a wide range of binoculars or your particular binoculars don’t have a built-in tripod connector, your best solution is to get a universal binocular tripod mount, like the one made by Snapzoom, which is the best one available.

What makes this particular adapter work with so many different binoculars is its unique design, consisting of one big velcro strap and a plate on which the binoculars will rest when mounted on a tripod. All you’ll need to do is to tighten the velcro strap, and you’ll be ready for a night of watching the stars.

While this kind of solution won’t be as stable and robust as using a screw-in adapter, it will allow you to use multiple binoculars with just one mount and switch between them very quickly, something that would definitely take more time with traditional binocular adapters. 


  • Compatible with a wide variety of different binoculars
  • Lightweight construction
  • Great for any binoculars without a tripod socket
  • Great value for the money


  • Average build quality
  • Not the most elegant mounting solution out there

4. Vortex Optics Uni-Daptor Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best value for money binocular tripod adapter

tripod mounted binoculars

Brand: Vortex Optics | Dimensions: 3.6 x 6.75 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 0.04 pounds 

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The Vortex Optics Uni-Daptor is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a very portable quick release binocular adapter that doesn’t cost much money and is simple to use.

Setting this adapter up to work with your binoculars is easy. First, you’ll have to use the included hex wrench to tighten the top part of the adapter to your binocular’s tripod socket. This is the part that will remain attached to your binoculars after you remove them from the tripod. 

After that, attach the base of the adapter to the plate of your tripod. Then all you’ll have to do is to insert the binoculars into the base and you’re good to go. Removing the binoculars is just as easy. So, if you value efficiency and ease of use, you’ll certainly love this setup.


  • The quick-release mechanism is a great thing to see at this price 
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Good build quality 
  • Simple to operate 


  • Not a great choice for heavier binoculars 

5. Vortex Optics Binocular Tripod Adapter

Best beginners binocular tripod adapter

binocular tripod attachment

Brand: Vortex Optics | Dimensions: 3 x 7.2 x 1.2 inches | Weight: 0.15 pounds 

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The binocular tripod adapter from Vortex Optics is the simplest to use and the most common type of binocular adapter on the market. This makes it a great choice for beginner astronomy fans who just purchased their first pair of binoculars and want an adapter that’s easy to handle and doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to.

It has no removable parts and is very lightweight, so transporting it in a bag or a backpack will be effortless. To attach it to your tripod, all you will have to do is to screw in the top part to your binoculars and the bottom part to a standard screw mount on your tripod’s head, and your night sky watching set up will be complete.

If for some reason the Vortex Optics adapter is out of stock and you want an alternative one that offers the same basic functionality and design, then take a look at the Celestron 93524 Binocular Tripod Adapter and Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adaptor.


  • Low price point
  • Easy to attach to a tripod
  • Good construction
  • Portable and easy to carry around


  • Not an ideal choice for pro-grade binoculars 

6. Nikon Tripod Adaptor for Monarch ATB Binoculars 

Best budget binocular tripod adapter

Nikon Tripod Adaptor

Brand: Nikon | Dimensions: 8.05 x 3.55 x 2.25 inches | Weight: 0.16 pounds 

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Here we have a binocular tripod adapter from Nikon that’s built well, won’t take much room inside your bag, and is very easy to handle. It’s designed to work with any of Nikon’s own binoculars as well as those from other brands that also feature standard tripod sockets. 

Its build quality is a step above other binocular tripod adapters in its price range, allowing it to be compatible even with professional level binoculars and allowing you to observe the night sky in even more detail and with greater clarity. 

So, how does it work? Well, you’ll simply need to screw it on to the tripod socket on your binoculars, attach its bottom part to your tripod and that’s pretty much it. It’s also important to mention that the screw knob on the adapter itself can be used with a screwdriver, so you can tighten it well even if you wear a pair of gloves. 


  • Easy to use
  • Low price point
  • Compact dimensions allow it to fit easily inside any bag
  • Very good build quality 


  • Its screwing mechanism could be more user friendly


So, now that you know about all the best binocular tripod adapters currently available on the market and why it is necessary to obtain one to successfully pair your binoculars with your tripod, the time has come to choose the right one for you.

If you aren’t prepared to accept any compromises and price is not an issue, the Orion Paragon-Plus binocular mount will serve you the best thanks to its terrific build quality, excellent stability, and the unparalleled level of control and adjustability it offers. 

For those who want something a little more portable, more affordable, and easier to use, one of the other binocular tripod adapters from our list will certainly serve you well and allow you to enjoy the charm of looking at the night sky and admiring it from a comfortable position. 

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