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The Celestron Powerseeker range of telescopes is specially designed for aspiring astronomers. This 127mm aperture Newtonian reflector is the top model in that range and [...]

Astrophotography would be so much easier if the Earth didn’t keep rotating. Anybody who has ever taken that “perfect shot” just to find a blurred [...]

Have you ever looked through another less powerful or cheaper telescope and wondered why the image is so much better than yours? Perhaps the owner [...]

A Dobsonian telescope is a popular type of telescope. It consists of a Newtonian reflector with an alt-azimuth (altitude-azimuth or alt-az) mount. The telescope is [...]

Kids tend to be inquisitive creatures—it’s a big world out there when you’re a kid, and an even bigger universe. Rather than your child chasing [...]

Unless you plan on using the Hubble Space telescope for your star gazing, most telescopes can be quite portable. However, some telescopes are more suited [...]

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered exactly what you are looking at? We’ve all heard names such as the North [...]

Best Telescope For Astrophotography | Buyers Guide To Telescopes That Take Pictures Of Deep Space One of the most attractive ideas for many amateur astronomers [...]

Best Astronomical Telescope Buying Guide & Reviews | Top  7 Brands For Viewing Planets & Galaxies It’s a big universe out there! NASA currently estimates [...]

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