Author: Andrea Minoia

Andrea Minoia


Andrea Minoia works as a researcher in a Belgian university by day and is a keen amateur astrophotographer by night.

He is most interested in deep sky photography with low budget equipment and in helping beginners along their journey under the stars.

Latest Articles

What are the best camera settings for astrophotography? Such a simple question has not a simple answer. The quality of the sky, the specific gear [...]

Astrophotography is the realm of heavy post-processing: in order to create a pleasant and detailed image, you can’t avoid using powerful techniques such as image [...]

If you ask a bunch of people what color is the Moon, you’ll probably get different answers.  Ask your kids and they will say the [...]

The Moon has always played a central role in human civilizations, from being used to keeping track of time to inspire myths and music. And [...]

I have a soft spot for the Moon; since I was a young kid, my father would let me see it through his old 30x [...]

And so it begins: you got some nice shots of the Moon, and now you are hungry for more and better images. After understanding how [...]

The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer PRO is one of the most common star trackers used among beginner and amateur astrophotographers.  I personally own two of these [...]

“What is the sharpest lens I could buy? How to avoid blurred images? My images are turning out soft: what am I doing wrong?” If [...]

New astrophotography group member: “Hi, I’d like to get some photos of stars. Could you suggest some settings for my smartph…” The astrophotography group: Until [...]

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