Author: Andrea Minoia

Andrea Minoia


Andrea Minoia works as a researcher in a Belgian university by day and is a keen amateur astrophotographer by night.

He is most interested in deep sky photography with low budget equipment and in helping beginners along their journey under the stars.

Latest Articles

The mount is the most important part of your astrophotography setup. While this is true, one should understand what mount best suits his/her needs. Beginners [...]

Not many years ago, astrophotography was a nice and costly market, far from being mainstream.  In more recent years, though, affordable star trackers for wide-field [...]

When you take a photograph, you freeze a moment in time, and hopefully this instant will be able to tell a story. Sometimes though, a [...]

What is infinity focus? How to use it? Is that the same as the hyperfocal distance? Photography is a world with plenty of technical stuff [...]

In photography, technology in videography has moved forward in giant leaps. Long gone are the day of 8mm, Super 8 films, and video cassettes. For [...]

Memory cards, whether they are Compact Flash, SD, or microSD, are solid-state memories used in a wide array of electronic devices, from smartphones to digital [...]

Long gone are the days when firing the shutter was the culmination of careful planning and skillful crafting. Some people use this argument to bash [...]

And so you are shopping for a telescope for astrophotography and you are considering getting a refractor. That’s a good choice: they are popular, basically [...]

What are the best camera settings for astrophotography? Such a simple question has not a simple answer. The quality of the sky, the specific gear [...]

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