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The Editorial Staff at NightSkyPix are a dedicated and passionate team of astrophotographers. 

Committed to teaching and helping you on your astro journey.

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In a universe of lights, the moon shines bright. Two hundred thousand miles away, the moon’s gravitational attraction determines the high and low tides of [...]

The Nanuk 935 is an excellent option for photographers looking for a camera hard case. Its innovative design and high-quality materials ensure your camera and [...]

While Pelican leads the way in the hard case market, some photographers want a more affordable alternative. Thankfully, there are other companies that make quality [...]

The Pelican 1510 is one of the more popular options for photographers. It offers many features one should look out for when buying a hard [...]

Nanuk and Pelican are synonymous with making professional standard hard cases. They are two of the most recognizable brands in the industry and are popular [...]

Photography equipment is expensive. Because of that, you must keep it safe at all times, especially when moving from one location to the next. If [...]

A quality intervalometer and remote timer is an important tool in any astrophotographers’ camera bag. Not only does it give you more precise control over [...]

Astrophotography usually requires us to multi-task during the night. From setting up your scope, polar aligning, making camera adjustments, and more. Now imaging trying to [...]

Which Camera is best suited for time-lapse photography? Whether you’re a beginner photographer or an experienced professional, chances are you’ve asked this question at least [...]

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